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Kenwood NX320 / NX-320 Digital UHF Two Way Radio

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Kenwood NX-320

The Kenwood NX320 is a world-class, yet incredibly easy to use, commercial digital radio. The Kenwood NX-320 offers superior Kenwood sound (loud and clear), superior digital radio coverage and superior ergonomic form, compared to many other competing manufacturer's digital radios. The Kenwood NX320 sets a new high benchmark in UHF digital performance; in our opinion you are hard pressed to find a better performing digital radio, in this package, at this price, on the market.

The Kenwood NX-320 is thin, compact yet is packed with features for intuitive operation, impressive performance, and all year round commercial reliability. Radio Warehouse proudly supply the NX320 in some of Australia's largest commercial and government operations; but with Radio Warehouse's competitive online price, it easily allows the Kenwood NX-320 to be affordable for small and medium sized operations who want to step up into a world-class digital radio.

The NX320 offers a whole host features including dual digital and analogue mode, built-in VOX, a voice scrambler and numerous other features. Plus you can count on reliable performance in all environmental conditions, thanks to MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F/G & is IP54/55 weatherproofing. Indoors or out, rain or shine, the NX320 is a commercial grade, ready to deploy digital radio solution.

The Kenwood NX-320 uses the standard Kenwood 2 pin connector, so any existing Kenwood two pin accessories you have can be used on this radio. Kenwood NX-320 customers can also take advantage of a huge range of compatible Wireless Pacific accessories for this model, which offer considerably great value when teamed up with this radio. 

How does the NX-320 compare with the competition? Like all of Kenwood radios, Kenwood offer arguably the most superior sounding radio solutions on the market. They are both LOUD and very clear without distortion, even when the volume is set to maximum, which means the Kenwood NX320 can easily be heard in a busy crowd. Team the NX-320 up with a range of accessories, such as headsets or an ear microphone solution, and the audio in the ears is deafening. In fact, we recommend you do not turn up the volume to maximum to avoid hearing damage, the NX-320 radios are that loud!

A model of ergonomic excellence on the outside, and a model of technological excellence on the inside; the NX-320 is an industry leading digital radio solution.

Kenwood NX-320 Price
List Price: $1038 
Radio Warehouse Online Special: $878 + Free Overnight Delivery!
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Suitable for...

The Kenwood NX-320 is a world-class, commercial digital radio suitable for nearly any application. It is lightweight, built to vigorous MIL-810 Standards and is built with Kenwood's known high audio quality components.

The NX320 may be best suited for:
- High noise environments
- Difficult terrains requiring superior digital radio coverage
- Teams requiring encryption for secure / private communication
- Easy to use radios
- Interference free communication


The NX320 is jam packed full of features... see brochure for full details.

Dual Mode - Digital & Analogue
5 Watt Transmit Output Power
IP54/55 - Rain Proof / Weather Proof - All Year Long Outdoor Operation
Emergency Button

Scrambler  / Encryption     
2-tone (encode/decode)
FleetSync® PTT ID      
MDC-1200 signaling           
MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F/G                 


Performance Specifications:
Power Output: UHF 5 Watts Rated

(0.5KM - 20KMs range achieved subject to environmental factors. See Question 4 in the Two Way Radio FAQs for more details.)
Channels: 64 Channels, Non LCD Screen Model / 256 Channels - LCD Screen. 
Battery Life (Approximate): 11 hours (Wireless Pacific Battery), 11.5 Hours (Kenwood Battery)
Battery Recharge Time: 1-1.5 Hours
Dimensions: 56.0 x 110.5 x 36.9 mm (radio only)
Standard Weight: 330 grams (approximately)
Operating Temperature: -30ºC to +60ºC  

Professional Build Quality Ratings:
Shock & Vibration: MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G
(Managers note: If you are buying a radio that doesn't meet these minimum MIL-STD-810 approved build quality ratings, you are buying a radio not designed for business / commercial purposes. Unfortunately lots of particularly cheap radios (some of them toys) are flooding some of the larger retailers claiming to be "rugged" radios, which have unfortunately misled some customers into thinking they are suitable for business.  So please be warned and demand the MIL-STD-810 approved rating at a minimum if buying radios for business.)
Humidity, Rain & Dust: IP54 (Rain Proof / Weather Proof - All Year Long Outdoor Operation)

All specifications subject to change and continuous improvement. See brochure for more details.

What's in the box

- Kenwood NX-320 UHF Radio (450-520Mhz) or NX-220 VHF Radio (136-174Mhz) with 24 Month Kenwood Australia Warranty
- Kenwood Antenna to Suit (Either KRA-23M2 (470-520Mhz) or C-VHA (VHF antenna))
- Wireless Pacific 1900mA Lithium Ion Battery with 12 Month Warranty (Kenwood KNB-57L available for additional fee)
- Wireless Pacific Smart Rapid Desktop Charger with 24 Month Warranty (Kenwood KSC-25L available for additional fee)
- Radio Programmed by Radio Warehouse According to Client Requirements
- Instruction Manual


Kenwood NX-320 / NX-220 Radio - 24 Month Kenwood Australia Warranty

Kenwood Charger - 12 Month Kenwood Australia Warranty
Wireless Pacific Charger - 24 Month Wireless Pacific Australia Warranty

Kenwood Battery - 12 Month Kenwood Australia Warranty
Wireless Pacific Battery - 12 Month Wireless Pacific Australia Warranty


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